Microscopes, an essential tool for science

When I ordered the microscopes with this grant money, I explained to my students that they would need a microscope license to use them. When the boxes arrived, the students were extremely excited. Watching their mounting enthusiasm as we unpacked each microscope I realized exactly how few of my students ever had the opportunity to use this science tool. To take advantage of the powerful moment, I gave the students one class period to test-drive the microscopes before working to pass their license tests. I wanted them to build their own understanding of the pieces and their functions and the momentum at this time was perfect. Through trial and error, moments of frustration and triumph, each team discovered how to use the focus knobs and the light settings to perfection. Blurry blobs were redefined and cleared before their eyes into sharp images of fierce insect legs, rounded amoebas, split ends on curly hairs and so much more. In that moment, they were truly learning. Each student walking out of class that day with a renewed curiosity about the world around them and a well needed dose of intellectual confidence.

From that moment, each of my 68 students has gone on to pass their microscope license test and continue to use these lab tools to refine their understanding of microscopic life. My students would have never been able to experience this essential part of science learning without your grant. For this, we cannot thank you enough. Your organization afforded these students not only the tools needed to learn science, but also the spirit needed to be life long learners.

Thank you again. 

Ms. Molly Bullock and the Life Long Learners of EPAA