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From the beginning EPAK focused on trusting teachers to know what their students need most. 

Founded in 1993 in response to Prop 13, EPAK’s microgrants provide teachers with the flexibility and security  to enhance student experiences and support educational goals. We provide funds for books, basic classroom supplies, science tools, art materials and field trips. 

“I taught in a different district where we didn’t have direct resources, so when I received an EPAK grant after I came to the Ravenswood District, it felt like a huge value-add for me and the students.”

Each year, EPAK awards over hundreds of $750 micro-grants and dozens of $375 new teacher grants to teachers across the public schools in eastern Menlo Park and East Palo Alto. The grants benefit grades from pre-school through 12th and all subject areas.





Art & Music



In recent years, as the approach educators are taking to address student needs has changed, so have EPAK’s grants. In addition to a 2020 special round of grants in response to COVID-19, we now also include health & wellness, maker space, reading intervention, special needs, occupational therapy, school libraries, and speech programs in our eligible teachers list.

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